Got Air ?

The North West 200 is not just about race day with plenty of other events organised to keep the huge crowds entertained throughout the week. On the Wednesday evening we headed along to East Strand beach to watch a Motor Bike stunt show in the glorious spring evening sun.

This was to be my first outing with the newly acquired Fuji 100-400mm lens which I had picked up the previous week. Paired with the Fuji XT1.  I have to admit as the event got underway I almost forgot I was carrying such a lens given the lightweight feel in my backpack. 

Broke FMX were the last on that evening and arguably the most spectacular with their high air stun show. I was equally impressed with their ability to commentate while hitting the huge stunts. 

Also impressing that evening was the 100-400mm lens. Shooting on AF-C (Zone) the lens kept up with the action nailing over 90% of the frames as the riders cleared over 30 feet in height. Of course I was a little ring rusty (read never have shot this type of sport before) so it took me a few minutes to get into tune with the flow of the riders. The first handful of frames were all legs and body parts with little in the frame. For this reason I actually kept zoom to a minimum throughout requiring a moderate crop. The fuji jpegs however are beautiful and I certainly don't feel IQ is lost with such a process here. 

Apart from a vignette added there was very little processing here. 

In regards to the North West 200 itself, well you can ready my thoughts on how the 100-400 kep up with the action here and here