Back to the Future

I think today is going to feel like groundhog day as pretty much everyone on the Internet shares 'that' image from the time clock on the Delorean.

And no, we don't have bloody hover boards ! 

Anyway, Facebook also threw up something in regards to history and time travel with one of its 'memories'. Pitch-side at Cambridge United vs Lincoln City from 4 years ago - when I was working for the club. Cambridge won 2-0 and the celebrations came right down the barrel - but then I would expect nothing less having had a word with the team before the game to discuss positions :) 

Pitch-side at Cambridge United - Oct 2011

Certainly seems an absolute age ago and having just covered the drama that was Arsenal v B.Munich last night in the Champions League, I'm thankful for the opportunities that my sports work has given me. Sadly when I tried to get to speak to the teams before kickoff to make them aware of my position for the celebration shot I was told in no uncertain terms to remove myself from the vicinity. 

 Pitch-side at Arsenal - Oct 2015

Pitch-side at Arsenal - Oct 2015

I sometimes look back and wish I was still working at The Abbey.  CUFC was fantastic, it's where I cut my teeth as a sports photographer (although some days I still feel like new milk teeth are coming through) ... 

A simpler time indeed - especially as wiring was done in the comfort of the club bar with a cold beer in hand. Consistent paid gigs (oh how they seem like a distant memory), getting the chance to work consistently with the same people which allowed for better stories to develop and generally a more relaxed time. 

Don't get me wrong, I love the pressures of covering a major game, and one day I hope to pit myself in a major final (the league cup doesn't count) or tournament (neither does the CUFC invitational) , but for now I will remember fondly my time at the Abbey. 

Twas terrible football mind.